Anapolon 50

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Substance: Oxymetholone (oral)

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Anapolon is one of the most effective steroids to date. This oral steroid on the basis of oxymetholone, which is the strongest anabolic properties.

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How does Anapolon

A distinguishing feature of the product is the combination of its strong androgenic and anabolic qualities. The steroid Anapolon 50 gives you the opportunity to quickly achieve huge gains in muscle mass and strength. In just two weeks of taking these pills You can increase the weight 5 to 7 kg.

Quality muscle mass gain, the drug does not provide, as in the body there is an accumulation of fluid. Anapolon 50 is a good opportunity for growth of muscles, which is essential to athletes in the off-season.

This steroid during exercise causes significant increase in blood red blood cells (RBCs) and enhancing the flow of oxygen to the muscles. Admission anapolon several times increases the endurance of muscles. After several approaches during training, the athlete does not feel fatigue. In addition, the drug provides quick effect of “pumping” of the muscles of a particular group, and, after a minimum number of approaches, muscles are so full that athletes go to training other muscle groups.

The feature of this steroid is its ability to provide high physical regeneration, so “overtraining” athletes taking the drug, it is absolutely impossible. Such a drug even after a heavy workout leaves the athlete feeling that he is full of energy and strength.

It is worth noting that the price of Anapolon does not exceed the average cost of steroids, but at the same time, the preparation perfectly preserves muscle mass, even with a limited diet.

The steroid itself is known since 1960. For several decades he had in the free market, but in the early 90-ies of the buy Anapolon was quite difficult, as the production of such pharmacology with active ingredient Oxymetholone has been suspended. Now the situation has changed and the acquisition of similar drugs can afford everyone. On our website you can easily and securely order the one of the most effective steroids. This drug is available in tablets, which greatly simplifies its reception, however, implies an additional burden on the liver.

Anapolon 50: dosages and combinations with other drugs

The optimal dosage of the steroid is 1-2 pills a day (50-100mg). Professional athletes can take the maximum dose is approximately 3 tablets daily (150mg). Best time of use for the pill – eating. If the athlete consume two tablets daily, this should be done morning and evening. The General course of anapolon should be from 6 to 9 weeks. The admission of steroid over a long period of time, can adversely affect the health of the athlete.

It is worth noting that the AAS goes well with injecting drugs, so athletes combine it with injections of sustanon and testosterone in General. This prevents loss of muscle mass. Combining it with parabolan and sustanon is one of the most popular among athletes who get a great boost of strength and considerable increase in muscle mass combined with good quality.

When the anabolic and androgen is combined with Nandrolone decanoate, muscle building is more effectively. Admission anapolon 50 is also recommended to athletes who suffer from diseases of the joints, as it stores water not only in muscles, but also helps increase natural lubrication flowing to the joints.

Anapolon: reviews and contraindications

Potent steroid designed for athletes who need to gain weight and strength indicators. As a rule, Anapolon feedback from experienced athletes describe positive – confirmed by the resulting efficiency. Young athletes better to pick up other steroids, as their body will be able to play the weaker anabolic steroids.

Older people taking such pills, noted a sharp deterioration of health, occurrence of diseases of the liver and prostate, and the drug is contraindicated to them. The drug adversely affects the female body, as it is not only a strong anabolic, but also androgenic too powerful for the body women that affect womanhood; also there is a greater likelihood of side effects.

Women who decided to undergo anapolon, noted the development of irreversible virilization. They have acne, lowered voice pitch, hair may fall out on your head and strengthen their growth on the feet. The use of pills by women may cause hypertrophia of the clitoris, the problems of a sexual nature.

Despite the negative impact on women Anapolon, reviews of some of the athletes who used steroid before competition, is pretty impressive. Only thanks to him, many outstanding athletes have achieved incredible results in competitions and to rise on a pedestal.

Anapolon: lessons for the reception

Among the huge number of oral steroids, one of the most dangerous drugs is this. This unenviable it gained popularity due to its toxicity on the liver, so when taking athletes need to monitor the condition of the liver, in connection with possible injuries. This property of the drug can be smoothed with a reception after the course was Capsela, Liv-52 and preparations based on milk Thistle. But do not forget that should take them no more than a month, as they can provoke the stagnation of bile, which leads to damage of liver cells, so after a month of using them need to take a break. Paradoxically, the fact.

The use of this drug also helps to reduce quantity of iron in the blood, which again needs to track (to eliminate the possibility of anemia). Track need with the appropriate blood work. Severe side effects from anapolon is the increase in blood sugar, which can lead to the progression of diabetes. The steroid also affects the content of cholesterol in the body, the reception should be very careful in diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, it should be taken under medical supervision.

There is a perception that prolonged use of Anapolon 50 that can cause cancer of the blood and liver. Sometimes, the negative effect of the use becomes jaundice passing after the rejection of the drug. Quite common – indigestion, frequent nausea and vomiting. Libido is also affected by the steroid, it initially sharply increases and then goes into decline.

But, I want to mention that the intelligent use of anapolon, is always very happy with their respectable sports results.

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