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Anabol capsules is a steroid, endowed with the strongest anabolic activity and low androgenic power. The drug has a tangible effect on protein metabolism, for which it is valued. The activity of this steroid provides a significant increase in muscle mass, strengthening bones, increased appetite, strength and a number of other indicators significant for the athlete and in general in sports.

The main area where Anabol capsules are used, produced by The British Dispensary, is sports practice. Athletes of the triathlon, athletes in bodybuilding, weightlifting and other disciplines use them mainly to improve physical fitness (increased muscle, increased strength, endurance, etc.). It can be effectively used in medicine – to increase appetite in violation of the absorption of protein, to improve well-being, strengthen bones and other purposes.

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What are Anabol capsules, what effect do they have?

The basis of this pharmacological drug is the famous steroid Methandienone (Methandrostenolone), developed in the middle of the 20th century by Dr. John Ziegler. In the pharmacology market, Methandienone appeared almost immediately after its creation, in the early 60s, and instantly gained support among athletes due to its powerful action and various positive effects.

By the way, the effect of Anabol capsules (Methandienone) is really powerful, its anabolic activity equals 200% of the endogenous testosterone, while the validity period reaches 6-8 hours from the moment of administration. Androgenic activity in comparison with testosterone is reduced exactly by 2 times (50% from endogenous testosterone). Also, this steroid is noteworthy for a short period of detection, you can only fix the fact of its use within 5 weeks after the end of the course.

In general, when used for sporting purposes, Anabol capsules can exhibit the following effects and positive properties:

• Acceleration of protein synthesis processes;

• Rapid increase in muscle mass;

• Growth of power indicators;

• Increased appetite;

• Strengthening the bone structure of the body;

• Improved nitrogen balance and well-being;

• Stimulate fat burning;

• Anti-catabolic effect.

Note that in bodybuilding and other disciplines, a similar steroid can be effectively used not only by men, but also by female athletes. True, girls in order to avoid manifestations of virilization should use the minimum dose of the drug in the region of 2-5 mg per day. For reference: virilization or viril syndrome is a symptom complex characterized by the development of male features in women (hair growth, body type change, coarsening voice, etc.).

Other side effects may also affect women, as well as men using Anabol capsules. In particular, it is known that Methandienone is an aromatizing steroid, which means that during the course, estrogenic “side effects” can make you know about yourself – retention of body fluids and / or gynecomastia. To warn and cope with them, it is enough to include anti-estrogens – Tamoxifen / Clomiphene. There is also a chance that such side effects will appear due to the use of this drug, such as increased blood pressure, increase in libido during the course and its decrease at the end of the intake, toxicity to the liver and others.

Important: almost all side effects inherent in Anabol capsules occur only if the drug is abused. It is equally important to remember that storing this steroid should be carried out in a dry place protected from light and moisture, inaccessible to children and pets.

Course and instruction on how to take anabol capsules

This steroid drug is very popular in the framework of sports, weightlifters, triathletes, athletes in bodybuilding and many other disciplines regularly use it to help. It is used mainly to gain muscle mass, as well as to increase strength. At the same time, it is rarely taken in solo, usually combined with other effective steroids, from stanozolol to testosterone.
How to take Anabol capsules in combination, and with which anabolic and androgen specifically, can it and should be combined? There are a lot of effective options and combinations, however, if you primarily strive for the greatest increase in muscle, then it is best to combine this drug with nandrolone injections. The following dosages can be used: Nandrolone – about 200 mg per week, the described preparation – about 30 mg per day. At the exit from such a course, Testosterone Propionate in doses of about 100 mg every other day is useful, and in post-course therapy Tamoxifen (30 mg per day) is useful.

If you want to achieve a greater increase in strength, then in this case the use of Anabol capsules and doses can be effectively combined with the use of stanozolol, oxandrolone or testosterone Propionate. In particular, significant improvements will allow to achieve a joint course with the steroid Oxandrolone, where the following daily dosages are used: Oxandrolone – about 80 mg per day, the described preparation – about 30 mg per day.

In general, the course of Anabol capsules manufactured by British Dispensary is usually based on doses of 10 to 50 mg per day, and since this steroid is not the longest activity, it is drunk on a daily basis. The average duration of his admission – 7 full weeks. As a result, such volumes, frequency and duration of the course allow to achieve a significant increase in strength, muscle mass, appetite and other important indicators.

By the way, the doses of Anabol capsules, when administered, are very easy to calculate, because the drug has the most convenient concentration of the active substance – 10 mg per capsule. Plus, with this content of active substance capsules last for quite a long time. Even if you use the maximum recommended dosage in capsules (50 mg, i.e. 5 capsules), one of his jars will last for 20 days of the course.

Important: visiting the AthleticPharma Forum, you can find more detailed information on how Anabol capsules should be used, no instructions for use can be compared with the advice that our consultants can give at the Forum. The consultants, by the way, include such specialists as a bodybuilding coach, a master of sports in weightlifting, and even an experienced sports doctor.

Opinions and reviews of Anabol capsules from British Dispensary

Opinions about this drug on the Internet are very different. However, the majority of reviews about Anabol capsules are positive. In other words, most of the athletes who bought and experienced it in practice were completely satisfied with the purchase made.

And no wonder, because as they say reviews, Anabol capsules are endowed with multiple positive effects and properties. Their admission to the course contributes to a set of muscle mass. With their help, you can increase strength and appetite, and, equally important, strengthen the body’s bone structure and normalize the nitrogen balance. All these improvements are extremely useful and have great significance for the athlete.

At the same time, if you study the reviews about Anabol in capsules, then you can see that this drug is almost devoid of negative effects, if you do not take into account the toxicity to the liver. Of course, some side effects may occur (gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, etc.), however, as you know, they occur, at least most of them, only when abused, that is, when too often taken or when taking in high dosages.

But not only the effects, as noted by reviews of Anabol capsules manufactured by British Dispensary, this steroid is remarkable, it also has other advantages, in particular, its convenience and ease of use. What is it about? The fact that the dose of the described drug is very easy to calculate, because it has a convenient concentration of the active substance in 10mg / caps.

In addition, customer reviews do not lie when they say that this drug manufactured by British Dispensary is an excellent combination tool. To increase its strength, it can be effectively combined with stanozolol, testosterone Propionate or oxandrolone, and if you want to achieve a more significant increase in muscle mass, then you can use a combination with nandrolone Decanoate, sustanon or testosterone enanthate.

Where and how to buy Anabol capsules, what price?

It is possible to purchase the described preparation quickly and easily in our store on the Internet. Why us? Firstly, because of the profitability. On our website there is a system of discounts, due to which the price of Anabol capsules can be significantly reduced. More specifically, when ordering large sums, you will also receive big discounts. The system is flexible and the details are better explored in the FAQ section.

Secondly, if you decide to buy Anabol in capsules from us, then you will not have to worry about the safety of your confidential data. Our site has long established a reliable connection that protects visitors and ensures maximum anonymity of work.

Thirdly, we need to buy Anabol capsules manufactured by British Dispensary for the reason that on our shelves only original pharmacological products are presented. The fact is that all drugs come to us straight from manufacturers and from their factories without the participation of third parties. So there is no doubt about the “originality” of the pharmacology ordered on our website.

You can order Anabol capsules from us not only quickly, efficiently and reliably, but also with convenience – to the nearest post office. What guarantees that the drug will come at all? First of all, our reputation. Study the opinions of buyers from our groups in, read the reviews of athletes in the Forum, and you will understand that we work honestly, and most importantly we care about the interests of visitors.

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