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Brand: The British Dispensary
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Substance: Methandienone

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Anabol 5 (the Bank) is an anabolic steroid, the drug methandienone production company The British Dispensary. This brand has a widespread and high demand in bodybuilding. The goals of the course there may be a quick set of muscle mass and a marked increase in power performance. Much depends on the specific tasks of the athlete, as in itself a steroid medication is extremely functional. Besides, it is no problem to use both by beginners and experienced pitching.

Anabol 5 (in the Bank) details of the properties

Methandienone (“Dianabol” or “methandienone” – abbreviation in slang) is a derived from endogenous testosterone modified to enhance anabolic activity and the weaker androgenic activity. Originally it was developed purely as a drug (was administered to accelerate recovery and maintain physics-weakened or sick patients in traditional medicine), but eventually became widespread in Amateur and professional sports, where it is used as a doping means.

The first modern analogues of the drug Anabol 5 (100 tablets) on sale approximately in 50-60-ies of the 20th century. The first trademark, Dianabol (tablets 5 mg) appeared on the pharmaceutical market in 1958. Since Methandienone in tablet form has always enjoyed high demand due to an excellent balance of effectiveness and cost.

Steroid profile tablets: anabolic activity is strong, about 200% of endogenous testosterone, androgen activity is moderate, about 50% of endogenous testosterone; the half-life is 6 to 8 hours, a full action – up to 1-2 days detection time – 4-6 weeks; aromatization (conversion into estrogen) – Yes, strong; hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity) – Yes, moderate; decreased synthesis of testosterone, Yes, moderate; progestogenic properties – no, no.

The effect of Anabol 5 is primarily anabolic and anti-catabolic. The systematic drug is expressed and in a short time contributes to the recruitment of muscle mass, increase strength, improve efficiency, enhance recovery, increase appetite, and even strengthen bones and improve joint function with the ligaments. There may also be burning fat, but only minor, when compared with the specialized fat burners.

On the other hand, side effects Anabol 5 is androgenic and estrogenic. It’s side effects such as increased aggression, water retention, acne, decreased libido, increased blood pressure, headache, testicular atrophy, hair loss or gynecomastia. To minimize the risks in case of severe course there are the necessary concomitant drugs, type of Provimed (Mesterolone) and Unstroked (Anastrozole).

However, at observance of recommendations (dose, frequency, duration) Anabol 5 from The British Dispensary is relatively harmless steroid. Serious problems arise mainly with the abuse and predisposition of the organism.

Storage conditions: drug Bank should be kept closed in a dark and dry place, keep away from children and Pets for their own safety.

The course and dosage

The duration of intake Anabol 5 can reach up to 6 whole weeks. And the longer the drug is not recommended to be used due to increased side effects that are able to block the advantages of the course. In particular, the threat is a toxic influence on the liver.

To obtain high-quality results requires a high (daily) frequency: is it in one sitting; or you can split the daily dosage into several equal doses. Because 5 is an Anabolic steroid has a short half-life.

Themselves dose usually does not exceed 30-50 mg per day, equivalent to 6-10 pills a day (so the second method, when the daily dosage is divided into several receptions at different times of the day, is more preferred). However, the optimal amount of the drug is selected individually. Here it is necessary to consider multiple factors: self gender, age, tolerability of the active substance and experience with sports pharmacology. Remember that in the case of anabolic steroids more is not better!

The primary method of admission Methandienone 5 sport is a combination courses. Methandienone goes well with a variety of quality sports products, including other anabolic steroids, the majority of peptide hormone and the specialized fat burners than willing to use Amateur and professional sports. The only exception is also hepatotoxic active ingredients, like oxymetholone or methyltestosterone.

For example, here is a popular course for powerful increase power potential and a quick set of muscle mass:

The combination of Anabol 5 (30-50 mg per day), the mixture of testosterone esters (for 125-250 mg every 3 days) and nandrolone Decanoate (250 mg, 2 times per week) for 10 weeks. Thereafter, withdrawal from the course (3 weeks for a short ester testosterone) and post-cycle therapy (first 1.5 weeks – Clomiphene citrate, the last 1.5 weeks – Tamoxifen).

Potentially Anabol 5 from the British Dispensary result in any physical sport. However, to recommend the drug can not all and not always. In particular, it is not the best selection of sports pharmacology for girls in sports. Despite the moderate androgenic activity, the risk of virilization of the body is still high (greasy skin, coarsening of the voice, body hair the body or face and some other symptoms).

Reviews and facts

Methandienone is well known not only foreign, but also domestic athletes steroid anabolic. 5 is an Anabolic steroid and is one of its most popular brands. The steroid has a long history of use in sports and medical purposes. With proper quality to doubt the presence of or absence of consequences is not necessary.

Exactly what the athletes say about the Anabol (5 mg/tab, 100 tab) from The British Dispensary (Thailand)? To sum up customer reviews, the drug is praised. Of course, trying be able to find negative opinions. But in most cases they are caused by errors in the preparation or implementation of the courses. With detailed messages, we offer you to find us on the Forum. There after passing a simple registration, each visitor receives the right to speak freely about the purchased goods, represented brands and service AthleticPharma. Most importantly, follow the rules of the resource.

Also on the Forum are experienced consultants AthleticPharma, which if necessary will share their individual recommendations on the selection and application of sports pharmacology. Do not hesitate to contact them for help in special topics (“for beginners” and “experienced” or “for girls”).

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