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Anabol 15 is a classic steroid in the dosage, has long been familiar to athletes the drug methandienone. It is used primarily on the power and massonary courses, when the training task is quick and pronounced increase strength with weight usually combined with other steroid hormones for maximum results, consume on a daily basis for an average of 6 weeks.

What is Anabol 15?

Let’s start with the origin. The active substance in the basis of the drug is methandienone (a slang abbreviation for “Methandienone”). It is a fast and potent steroid hormone. In effect after taking a predominant anabolic effect (200% of endogenous testosterone) and androgenic activity remains weak or moderate (50% of endogenous testosterone). The half-life up to 6-8 hours, so steroid is usually consumed daily and several times a day.

Anabol 15mg – for many a novelty, on the other hand, its counterparts on the active substance has long been present in the market. The first such drug was released in 1962 under the brand name Dianabol (produced in 5-milligram pills).

Interesting fact: from the beginning to the end of the sixtieth Methandienone is not considered a sports doping, because it was created and presented exclusively as a drug. At that time, unresolved for use in sports substances treatment just drug stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamine.

Indications for drug use methandrostenolone (another popular name of the steroid) were: apathy, muscular dystrophy, recovery from burns, injuries and operations, delays puberty.

Next, we consider the effect of Anabol 15. As has been said, first and foremost, it stimulates increase muscle and increasing strength, inducing anabolism and preventing catabolism. But it’s not all his action. The course also increasing stamina and strengthening the appetite, plus, logged, strengthening the skeletal system.

What are the possible side effects? They are few and rare: acne, irritability, greasy skin, water retention, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, and others. In addition, Anabol 15 has hepatotoxicity, which acts as a limit for long courses (7 weeks or more). In case of overdose symptomatic treatment is required.

We can not say that androgenic and estrogenic side effect develops mainly in the steroid abuse and predisposition of the organism. Before taking this pills be sure to exclude contraindications, among them kidney failure, liver failure, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

How to take Anabol 15?

The working dosage is selected individually taking into account such factors as the tolerability of the active substance by the organism, experience with sports pharmacology, gender, age and some others. Average men recommend 30-45mg (2-3 tablets) a day, maximum up to 4 tablets, equivalent to 60mg per day. Women, in turn, should not exceed the daily dose of 7.5-15mg (0.5 – 1 tablet). For female athletes, the abuse of steroid drugs threatens the development of virilization from the coarsening of the voice to increase the clitoris.

Any matching courses Anabol 15 actual? As any drug on the basis of methandienone, it effective combined with products testosterone, nandrolone, and (or) trenbolone. An unsafe include mainly a combination of oral and liver-toxic steroid hormones: oral Turinabol, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Oxymetholone, other. Carefully select bundles of drugs. If you need individual advice – visit our Forum. There are experienced consultants AthleticPharma who know firsthand about the properties and application of sports pharmacology.

Let us examine 2 popular bundles:

1.A course of Anabol 15 together with Testosterone propionate (Testoprol-100, Testo P, Testosterone Propionate, or another brand). It is a combination of steroids for athletes ‘ initial level of experience, which is expressed stimulates the growth of strength and mass gain. Should not exceed 6-7 weeks duration of the course, or use doses more than 30-45mg Dianabol a day and 100mg of prop a day. Be sure to FCT, for example, receive tamoxifen at 20-30mg a day for 2-3 weeks.

2. Anabol 15 course combined with Testosterone enanthate and Nandrolone decanoate (our online store these two steroid – ENKA and deca, available in a wide range of brands). Methandienone dosage can go up to 45-60mg a day, testosterone – to 750-1000mg per week, nandrolone 400-600mg per week. Number of steroids were indicated higher. It is obvious that this course is only for skilled strokes. Beginners nothing to do here! Withdrawal from course – Testosterone and Drostanolone in the form of short esters. PCT – Clomiphene citrate (or Clomiphene citrate first, and after Tamoxifen) for at least 3 weeks.

Note: more examples can always be found in the section “complete courses” on our website. Also, You can go to the Forum Atleticano, examining the contents of the topic: see the sub-forums “Sports pharmacology” and ”Ready steroid courses.”

Reviews of Anabol 15

methandienone is not a novelty for the pharmaceutical market. His drugs more than five decades and has successfully used and continues to be used today for solving various problems in medicine or sports. The demand is always high. The same can be said about Anabol 15 mg. though He appeared relatively recently, but already very popular among domestic bullies.

As the reviews describe the pill? Mostly positive! According to reports, the network is working and safe Methandienone. You can find the following opinion: “great erased, no mistakes”, “I bought it on course with cypionate, appetite just hell, the power has increased quite a bit, while for 3 and a half weeks I gained 4kg ”, “honestly ofigel, long pearls with methandienone”. Look for details in our Forum in the topic dedicated to the active substance methandienone or producer of the British Dispensary.

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