Brand: St Biotechnology Co
Packing: 50 mg
Substance: HGH

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The drug AICAR is an amide-conjugated nucleoside, which is a close analogue of adenosine. This substance is an intermediate product, that is, an intermediate, generating inosine monophosphate, acting as an agonist for AMRK. Its international non-proprietary name – acadesine, also found under the names AICA ribonucleotide, AICA ribosin, and others. The described tool is being produced by the Chinese company St Biotechnology Co, which is known for its peptide products among athletes.

It is important to say that the peptides produced by St Biotechnology Co can be easily checked for originality with the help of a special security code on the box under the holographic sticker. However, it should be noted that only peptides from new batches have such a protection system. The old drugs do not have it.

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