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Substance: Testosterone Enanthate

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Testoviron Depot (1ml, Bayer Schering) – it is a strong anabolic and androgenic steroid, which is effectively used in bodybuilding. At the core is the active substance Testosterone enanthate (“Enanthate” – a slang abbreviation). Athletes use it mostly on power or massonary courses when needed in gentle terms to increase muscle and develop power potential. Usually it is a combination of various degrees of complexity (from simple cords for beginners of the muscle, like Testosterone enanthate with Boldenone Undecylenate, to complex combinations, designed for experienced athletes, for example, with Testosterone enanthate oxymetholone tablets, growth hormone and insulin).

Detailed description

Testoviron Depot 1ml origin is testosterone ether oil-based parenteral doses (intramuscular injection). Properties it is a potent and quick acting steroid hormone.

Testosterone enanthate (active substance of the drug) first went on sale more than half a century ago. Few people know that initially, all commercial testosterone esters have been developed and marketed as drugs. ENKA was no exception. She still has such indications in medicine as: androgen deficiency, endocrine impotence, male menopause, sexual underdevelopment, stunted growth or osteoporosis.

The effect Testoviron Depot is primarily anabolic, anti-catabolic and androgenic. For athletes the most important are the following results of the drug: a quick set of muscle mass, a marked increase in strength, pump, increase efficiency, accelerate recovery, strengthening the skeletal system, increased appetite and increased libido. Note that the systematic introduction can develop primary and secondary male sex characteristics. After all, this is one of the primary indications for the use of testosterone enanthate in as a drug.

A steroid profile of the drug: the index of anabolic activity – 100% of endogenous testosterone, index of androgenic activity – 100% of endogenous testosterone; half – life is about 5-7 days, full action – 2 to 3 weeks, detection time – at least 3-4 months; hepatotoxicity – weak or absent; progestagenic action is weak or absent; decreased synthesis of testosterone – Yes, high; aromatization Yes, high.

Thus, the side effects of Testoviron Depot can have an androgenic or estrogenic nature. The most likely are: water retention, fat accumulation, increased aggression, high blood pressure, acne, impaired libido, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, body hair body and face or baldness. However, if you follow recommendations (dosage, frequency, duration of use), serious side effects are unlikely to have an effect.

Storage conditions: barrel injection should be kept in dark and dry place at a temperature not higher than room temperature. From myself I will add that sports pharmacology should be protected from children and Pets.

The rate of application

Testosterone enanthate (Testoviron Depot 1ml and analogues) – were well known in bodybuilding steroid, but its application still raises many athletes of difficulty. We will help you to understand this question.

Potentially Testoviron Depot is effective in any physical sport, from weightlifting to American football. Who to recommend the drug? Once beginners and experienced athletes. If you follow the recommendations, You will not have to worry about results or consequences.

Next, point by point:

First, the dosage. Optimal doses of Depot Testoviron selected athlete on an individual basis, considering the following factors: age, gender, experience with sports pharmacology and tolerability of the active substance. Average dosage for men – 500-750 mg per week, equivalent to 2-3 ampoules per week. In turn, women as a powerful androgenic steroids, such as ENKA, is contraindicated, because it often leads to virilization (growth of aggression, deepening voice, body hair of the face or body and some other symptoms).

Second, the frequency of reception. Despite the long half-life of the drug, for sporting purposes it is usually put twice a week, say, 250 mg (1 ampoule) on Monday and Friday. All in order to avoid steroid hole.

Third, the duration of admission. The course of Testoviron Depot can last from 8 to 12 weeks (optional – 2-3 weeks of withdrawal from a course and 3-4 weeks post-cycle therapy, if necessary). But to achieve tangible results it is not necessary to use as long as possible. Much faster, and most importantly, safer will be the combined rate of multiple active ingredients that will give effect synergistically.

Fourth, examples of combinations:

1. 1ml Testoviron Depot (Bayer Schering), and Methandienone in tablets or injections (Danabol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals or equivalent) course for the novice pitching, which in 2 months will help develop power capacity and increasing the muscles.

2. 1ml Testoviron Depot (Bayer Schering) and Trenbolone enanthate (Trenoged-E Euro Prime Farmaceuticals or equivalent) for 10 weeks is more severe massonary power and rate.

If You need individual application instructions, visit our Forum. For visitors there are qualified consultants. They are familiar with sports pharmacology, whether it’s steroids, hormones, peptides, fat burners or anti-estrogens, and its use in various sports.

Customer reviews

Testosterone enanthate is not for no reason is one of the most popular steroids among Amateur and professional sports. Preparations in vials or barrels consistently in high demand among the trainees. All thanks to the excellent combination of high efficiency and low cost. Testoviron Depot (1ml, Bayer Schering) is no exception.

It is said by the reviews, which generally describe Testoviron Depot, whether its effectiveness, safety or quality. Of course, if you look carefully, you can find and complaints. But more often they are the result of mistakes made when pitching the preparation or conduct of the course. When anabolic and androgenic steroids, it is important to remember that more is not better, and for maximum results requires an individual approach.

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