Testosterone Undecanoate Injection U.S.P. (10ml)

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Brand: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co
Packing: 10 ml (vial)
Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate

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Testosterone Undecanoate Injection U. S. P. (ZPHC) – a steroid medication androgenic effect. In the composition of the same name it is the name of the active ingredient. Steroid is produced in oil-based and is designed for parenteral use (performing intramuscular injections).

In the iron sports, including bodybuilding, Testosterone undecanoate is used mainly to maintain a high level of the male sex hormone: in order to maintain or increase muscle mass, improve efficiency, increase libido and for other effects of testosterone. It can be useful both on the course and at the bridge between the courses (depending on the objectives of the particular athlete).

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Details about Testosterone Undecanoate Injection U. S. P.

Testosterone undecanoate was first released in the 80s of the 20th century. It was developed and positioned as a preformed version of testosterone to DTH, which has, if not all, then most of the effects of the male sex hormone. But after a few years in the sale and received numerous trademarks injectable steroid, including “Nebido”, whose name was to become synonymous.

As most of testosterone ester, Testosterone undecanoate originally supplied only for traditional medicine. It has got wide application in the treatment or therapy of diseases, developing on the background of disturbed hormonal (lack of androgens) from male menopause to endocrine impotence.

Characteristic of Testosterone Undecanoate (10 ml, 250 mg/ml) from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co is a fairly strong androgenic steroid, the anabolic activity which is characterized as minimal or moderate, and the ester attached to the molecule allows it to prolong the effect up to 2 weeks.

One of the main special testosterone undecanoate is relative safety. When used according to recommendations, it almost does not cause side effects. Products based on it are completely devoid of hepatotoxicity (because enter the lymph, not blood flow), does not undergo aromatization (because after administration are converted to testosterone) and does not inhibit the synthesis of testosterone, at least expressed (as do all other testosterone esters).

In fact, the course is only possible androgenic side effects: anxiety, greasiness of the skin, acne, increased aggression, body hair, face and body; more.

What is the positive effect of the steroid? First and foremost, in the influence of the male sex hormone. The systematic performance of injection may develop typical testosterone improve, whether the recruitment of muscle mass, increase strength, accelerate recovery, increase efficiency, strengthen the skeletal system, even increased libido. However, do not expect maximum action. Still, the drug is not as strong as some of its counterparts (for example, initially an injectable testosterone esters as the enanthate or Cypionate).

Course Testosterone Undecanoate (Zhengzhou)

Testosterone undecanoate has shown good results in the HRT, which completely performs its own function. But in sport it can be at least good. The main thing is to use it when the task is to build powerful muscles.

The optimal dosage of the steroid is selected individually based on the following factors: gender, age, tolerability of the active substance by the body and experience of an athlete with sports pharmacology. On average, men are not advised to exceed the daily dose of 250mg (1ml), otherwise the priority of the effect is shifted in the direction of side effects.

In turn for women Testosterone undecanoate (LJ) is contraindicated, because with high probability, leads to virilization. Masculinization (also virilization or virilnoe syndrome) is accompanied by symptoms, like hair loss, irritability, coarsening of the voice and enlargement of clitoris.

As a rule, the drug put long courses, but not more than 8-12 weeks (2-3 months). Still, the abuse of even the safest steroids can lead to consequences.

Before planning and conducting a course it is important to exclude the official store for men – confirmed or suspected tumors of the breast and prostate, for women: pregnancy, lactation, and also breast cancer (confirmed or alleged).

Testosterone undecanoate is prescribed with caution in children and elderly ages (you may need to adjust the dosage, frequency and duration of application).

It can be combined to develop athleticism? In principle, with all the same active ingredients as other testosterone esters: with Boldenone Undecylenate, methenolone enanthate, nandrolone Decanoate, oxymetholone, oral turinabol (and so the list goes on).

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Testosterone undecanoate from Gengo: reviews

As the reviews describe this drug? In short, Testosterone undecanoate was escorted from LJ mostly positive reviews. There are reports, such as “HRT went without problems”, “need to know how to take it, and I have to work, quite a alternatively boring esters”, “TU took zatestit, but it went, now that I think purely for themselves to enjoy”, which are often supported by good results. Of course, you can find negative opinions, however, in most cases, they arise from the mistakes made in the preparation or conduct of the course.

Besides, do not forget that Testosterone undecanoate is almost devoid of side effects. Among manufactured injectable form of androgenic steroids it definitely has no equal on this indicator. And among tablets with capsules you will hardly find the same or similar product (except that he Testosterone undecanoate because it is also available for oral intake). In his case, even complaints of the soreness of the injections are rather the exception than regularity.

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