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DLP Testosterone Propionate is powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid, which is a popular testosterone ester, – Testosterone Propionate. It is a rapid impact on the volume, shape and hardness muscle mass, as well as the ability to increase strength and burn fat.

Apply this drug that it is clear to many, mainly in sports, bodybuilding, weightlifting, in General, to power disciplines, etc. Here it is used for quality muscles and increase physical performance. However, it may be useful in other fields, e.g. in medicine for replacement therapy, to increase libido, for the development of male sexual characteristics and for other reasons.

The quality and properties of Testosterone Propionate DLP

This steroid is endowed with one hundred percent one hundred percent anabolic and androgenic activity, making it a powerful and useful tool. It is also known that he has a short, but rapid effects (period of activity – 24 to 48 hours). This, by the way, is due to the frequency with which you want to put the injections usually take Testosterone Propionate every other day or every third day.

Also note that synthesized the substance on which to base steroid Testosterone Propionate DLP in the 30-ies of the 20th century. And then, in the middle of the 20th century, and today it was and is an incredibly popular tool. No wonder the athletes think it is one of the best anabolics for drying and preparation for competitions.

To fully describe the action of Testosterone Propionate DLP, will need a separate multi-page article, so we mention only the basic quality and effects that will be useful in sports practice or in medicine:

• Significant increase in power performance;

• The increase of muscle mass;

• The effect of burning fat;

• Increase muscle definition, hardness and stiffness of the muscles;

• Increasing the strength of the bone structure;

• Increased libido and sexual activity during the course;

• Reduction in the risk of coronary disease, cardiac ischemia and other diseases.

Important: Testosterone is a steroid that is recommended for use primarily to men. However, its propionate ester, and in particular the drug Testosterone Propionate DLP for sports can be used by women, and without much risk. However, the girls in order to avoid side effects you should collect in low doses and with a minimum rate of 25-50 mg, maximum 100 mg every 6 days (men can take 200 mg twice a day).

Can side effects during the course Testosterone Propionate DLP to disturb and men. Most often, the athletes are faced with diseases such as: loss of hair on the head, greasy skin, acne (acne), excessive growth of hair on the face and body and others. In addition, the AAS as any ether testosterone, may adversely affect the production of male hormone (to avoid a recession results at the end of the course and to minimize the adverse effect of the steroid, athletes commonly use drugs Tamoxifen/Clomid and Proviron).

At the end of the description, highlight the storage conditions for this injectable drug, which should be respected by all athletes, the bought drug: closed bottle and keep in dark and dry place, securely hide it from children and Pets, make sure that the storage temperature does not exceed and has not been below room indicators.

The use of Testosteron Propionate DLP course

Athletes strength sports prefer to use the anabolic to increase muscular strength, bodybuilders and representatives of other sports disciplines often take it to get quality muscle mass, for drying.

Note that to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the course Testosteron Propionate DLP can be combined with the intake of other not less useful in sports steroid drugs. Thus, to obtain maximum relief and tight muscles, increase strength and endurance You can combine it and Stanozolol injections. First the steroid injected at 100 mg a day, the second – on 50 mg a day. On PKT – Provimed and Tamoxifen at 50 and 20 mg per day, respectively. Also in the course testosterone Propionate DLP, you can add the drug clenbuterol (4-5 weeks for maximum effect).

Is the use of Testosterone Propionate DLP in the other combinations: Trenbolone Acetate Stanozolol this drug, he Turinabol Methandienone Nandrolone Decanoate injection this testosterone, etc. More detailed information about these and other combinations can be found on our Forum.

In General, the recommended course dosage of Testosterone Propionate DLP is 100-200 mg administered as often as every two or three days, because testosterone Propionate relatively short period of activity – 24 to 48 hours. Course this means usually lasts about six weeks.

Important: the content of active substance in the vial of steroid – 100 mg per 1 ml. this means that the introduction of recommended doses with an injection of 100-200 mg You will need 1-2 milliliters of the drug. By the way, the volume of the bottle – 10 ml at the maximum recommended frequency of administration it should last You at least 10 days.

To get a more in-depth recommendations, if necessary, visit the Forum AthleticPharma. Here experienced athletes and consultants of our shop will give useful tips on the use of this and many other sports funds, as well as answer any of your questions. In the number of consultants, among other things, includes specialists such as: coach fitness, qualified sports physician (internist, cardiologist, infectious disease), master of sports in weightlifting, etc.

Opinions and reviews of Testosterone Propionate DLP in sports practice

Before you buy this steroid, we recommend You to read the opinions of athletes who have purchased and experienced it in practice. To see what the reviews say about Testosterone Propionate DLP, you can visit our Forum. Here, athletes are free to talk and discuss any or Vice versa hated pharmacological agents. So, go to the Forum, You will not encounter a lack of useful information for the study.

By the way, after reading the reviews of Testosterone Propionate DLP, You will know that it is an effective anabolic steroid, endowed with a 100-percent anabolic and androgenic activity and a considerable number of positive impacts. More specifically, its reception improves muscle definition and hardness muscles, to increase muscle mass and physical performance, increased libido and fat burning. These properties make the hormone incredibly popular in sports circles and in other spheres, such as medicine.

Also, reviews on testosterone Propionate DLP suggest that taking the drug for sporting purposes, You can effectively combine it with other steroids. It goes well with nandrolone with stanozolol, methandienone with and so on. And during the joint use of these anabolic steroids there is an effect of synergy, that is, together they have a greater positive impact than alone.

If to speak about the negative effects on the human body, here, as noted by athletes, steroid some great shows. Of course, some deviations can still occur, for example, acne, greasy skin, hair loss etc. in addition, it is known that it can lower the production of natural testosterone. But many if not all of these ailments can be quite easy to handle using auxiliary pharmacological drugs, such as Clomid, Tamoxifen and Proviron (to clarify what funds are used for neutralizing or other side effects, it is possible again on the Forum.).

In General, reviews about the Testosterone Propionate from Diamond Line is spoken of as a incredibly effective tool that can be efficiently and effectively used in solo and in combinations.

Price and where to buy Testosterone Propionate DLP

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