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Strombaject aqua is a modern steroid drug SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL. It can be called an analogue of winstrol, because it is based is also injectable Stanozolol in aqueous solution.

This is a great choice to achieve quality muscle growth. The drug promotes muscle growth, not water retention and not provokes an increase in body fat, but rather has a fat burning and removing excess water effect.

Also Strombaject Aqua from Balcan valuable for its ability to increase the core physical indicators of an athlete. It improves strength characteristics, increases stamina and efficiency, it is therefore considered important not only in bodybuilding and power disciplines, but also in athletic sports.

Properties Strombaject Aqua

For starters we should say that all products from Balkan, which are sold on our website is original pharmacological means. To see this can use found on the vials YUPIK code on the official website –

If to describe the effect of Strombaject Aqua, it is necessary to pay attention that the drug is a strong anabolic with minimal androgenic activity (despite this, side effects of virilization or masculinization in the application are likely, especially in the predisposition and abuse).

Steroid has a high biological availability and stability, however, the period of its activity after the injection is not the longest. The half-life of substances since use is around 8 hours.

Make a remark: Strombaject aqua (50 mg) is basically a substance Stanozolol. This anabolic steroid is developed and entered the market early in the second half of the last century. Initially the “stanza” (known slang name) produced only rarely for medical and veterinary use, however, due to its anabolic and fat-burning properties quickly became widespread in sports practice. To date, this steroid has a long history of use as a sports drug and its relevance is not lost.

What results can be achieved by using Strombaject Aqua? The drug is often used for drying, since it contributes to fat burning and eliminate excess fluid and to achieve quality muscle growth. During its course can be observed the improvement, which consists in increasing the rigidity and prominence of muscles, increase endurance, performance and strength.

Strombaject Aqua: application and dosage

This drug is a good choice for beginning athletes and Amateurs, and for advanced or even professional athletes. It goes well with almost any sports practices relevant to anabolics and androgens with low risk of side effects.

In practice, the optimal dosage Strombaject aqua range in the 30-50 mg per day. This amount of steroid is enough to achieve the required improvements, if we are not talking about a Pro who, as a rule, use a slightly higher dose of stanozolol in accordance with the needs.

The frequency of treatment and duration of its use may vary, the average is 1 injection per day or every other day respectively and approximately 6-8 full weeks duration of the course. In most cases, the drug is not to solo, and combined courses with other anabolic steroids.

If You have any questions on how to make the best use Strombaject Aqua (50 mg), then this question can be answered by our consultants. The experienced professionals on the Forum including the coach of bodybuilding, comments and recommendations.

Strombaject aqua: course combinations

This drug has proven itself as an excellent matching tools, it blends perfectly and gives a synergistic effect in combination with different properties anabolic and androgenic steroids.

If you select some of the most popular of the bunch, to those, of course, is the rate of Strombaject Aqua and the drug nandrolone decanoate. Also frequently used combination with testosterone Propionate for drying or testosterone long-lasting, quality muscle growth. Other options for combination are: Methandienone, Oxymetholone, Trenbolone, Methenolone or Drostanolone.

To find steroids for combined use should be based on personal preference, experience, current physical form and the objectives pursued. For effective drying are some ligaments for increased strength – other, and to set muscle mass in a short time – the third.

Side effects from Strombaject Aqua

This steroid can be called relatively bezverny to apply. Even in the case of admission to sporting purposes in high doses it is, if followed, usually leads to serious violations.

For reviews, likely because of Strombaject Aqua side effects is increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. Some athletes say pain injection and discomfort after. The rest of the drug is practically not typical side-effects – estrogenic violations excluded, androgenic unlikely. Note that when training, do not inflate my working weights, because this can lead to damage on the background of the joints and ligaments.

Reviews about Strombaject Aqua

For novice athletes the statements of experienced colleagues is one of the most reliable sources of information about sports drugs. In particular feedback about Strombaject Aqua from Balcan Pharma I can tell you how to apply steroid, what results can be achieved during the course or any side effects to be feared.

If You are interested in the opinions of customers and applying these injections athletes, then be sure to visit our Forum. Here You can easily find the required information or will be able to ask questions. On the Forum there are active discussions sports pharmacology, drug producers, and about sports topics.

What about this drug say athletes? To sum up, the Strombaject Aqua (50 mg) reviews describe how work steroid, exhibiting a pronounced effect in the stated dosage. While complaints about side effects if occur, often are the result of incorrect use of the drug, not his fault.

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