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SP Methandienone is a steroid, which can be an excellent choice for athletes seeking to achieve rapid muscle growth and increase strength. Is a strong anabolic with fast activity and a broad spectrum of action, feel already during the first weeks of the course.

As the active ingredient in the drug used the same name steroid, Methandienone, having a long history of use in sports and traditional medicine (respectively as doping or drugs). “methandienone” (slang name) first appeared on the market in the late fifties of the last century and quickly gained popularity. Initially, he did not considered doping and could easily be used by athletes to develop the physical form.

Steroid substance in the basis of SP Laboratories Methandienone (100 tab, 10mg/tab), refers to a number of left-hand anabolic steroids and structurally is a modification of testosterone modified to increase anabolic effects and reduce the androgenic action.

This is the original drug production SP Laboratories. You can verify this after the purchase. Find the IDENTIFICATION code on the blister pack of pills (the pills in the blisters at the injection on the barrel) and enter it on the website of the company at the address So You will receive a confirmation of the original origin of the tablets:

Methandienone SP: properties of the drug

This steroid drug made by a Moldovan company SP Laboratories, long time working in the market and proven by the production of predominantly high-quality pharmaceutical products. According to information from reliable sources, the company’s products are produced at the facilities of the plant Balcan pharmaceuticals and, in fact, SP is a kind of division of Balkan Pharma.

SP Metandienon is an effective anabolic steroid in tablets with moderate androgenic properties (anabolic and androgenic activity, respectively 200% and 50% of endogenous testosterone). The correct reception of the drug for use in sport contributes to multiple improvements. It increases anabolic and reduces catabolic processes leads to the formation of a positive nitrogen balance, promotes muscle growth and strength increases stamina, speeds up the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

The results obtained in the course of SP Methandienone can also be expressed in strengthening of the bone system, improving performance and temporary increased appetite. However, its prolonged use can occur and side effects, especially when violation of the recommendations or individual predisposition.

Possible side effects due to SP Methandienone is: high blood pressure, increased libido during the course and decline after, rash, acne, fluid retention, gynecomastia, abnormal liver function, effects of masculinization among women. In a few cases and in case of significant overdose may occur violations such as gynecomastia, hypertrophy, testicular atrophy or obstructive jaundice.

Contraindications to taking these pills are: breast cancer in men, breast cancer in women, individual hypersensitivity, hepatic or renal failure, nephrosis, glomerulonephritis in nephrotic stage, prostate adenoma, hypercalcemia. Also, the drug is contraindicated for women during pregnancy (if Methandienone is used for medicinal purposes, in the course of treatment should abandon breastfeeding).

Tablets Metandienon SP Laboratories should be stored at room temperature (choose a dark and dry place of storage, inaccessible to Pets and children).

Effective exchange rate of the SP Metandienon

Athletes like this drug can be used effectively on massonary courses and to increase strength in a short time. He quickly shows its activity, and the results will not keep itself waiting long. This anabolic can be used for medical purposes on prescription (Methandienone was originally developed and used as medicines).

Specifically in sports practice course SP Metandienon is usually held in conjunction with other steroids. To increase muscle mass it is often combined with esters of testosterone (usually Testosterone enanthate, Cypionate or Sustanon), nandrolone, trenbolone and many other drugs.

Joint course applications SP Methandienone (20-50 mg per day) the drug nandrolone Decanoate (200-400 mg per week) is considered one of the best classic and ligaments. During post-cycle therapy with this combination should be used with either Tamoxifen or Clomiphene citrate. During the course you may need to take proviron or its equivalent for getting rid of the possible consequences.

To dosing “methandienone” should be handled individually based on the General condition, level of training, the objectives pursued and used in combination steroids. On average, athletes are recommended doses are within 20-50 mg per day (respectively 2-5 tablets per day). Such quantities of steroid, as a rule, is sufficient for necessary improvements without high-risk side effects.

The rate of admission Methandienone SP Laboratories may take 6 to 8 full weeks. Due to the fact that the period of activity of the active substance is about 5 hours after administration, to drink tablets on the course you need it on a daily basis.

If you require individual advice of experienced consultants, visit our Forum. Sports doctor and coach in bodybuilding and other professionals will help to meet SP Methandienone effectively to choose the best combination for the course, to make the right post-cycle therapy, and not only. Among our consultants are extremely experienced and qualified professionals in their respective domains.

What the reviews say about SP Methandienone?

The network opinion about this reality is not difficult to find, especially not difficult to find opinions about its active ingredient, which for several decades with advantage used for a variety of tasks. Such statements will surely help the novice athlete, badly familiar with steroids and their properties, to conduct safe and effective rate of application.

For reviews from SP Laboratories Methandienone is the perfect steroid product for oral administration. Numerous statements in the network confirm that these pills are able to provide pronounced results in compliance with the recommendations can relatively safely used by athletes of different levels. That is, the drug can be called suitable for experienced and advanced athletes, and athletes at the Amateur level or even for beginners.

If this reality is familiar to You, you can leave feedback about SP Methandienone visit the Forum AthleticPharma or directly on the product page in the store. The opinion of the visitors never being censored if it does not violate the basic rules of the resource. Can freely share experiences and to speak on any topic, though our online store or the quality of the drug.

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