PharmaTest 100 (suspension)

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Brand: PharmaCom Labs
Packing: 10 ml (vial)
Substance: Testosterone Suspension

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PharmaTest 100 (suspension) is an aqueous solution of a non-esterified testosterone steroid (without an ester residue, unlike other popular and used forms), manufactured by pharmacological company PharmaCom Labs (China). The drug boasts the highest anabolic and androgenic activity, completely identical to endogenous testosterone (both – 100% of testosterone), as well as rapid, though not the longest effect (the maximum testosterone peak is achieved in the shortest time, the full effect of the described agent lasts about 24 hours after application).

Today PharmaCom Suspension testosterone, like its counterparts, is used mainly in sports practice (in bodybuilding and other disciplines), while exclusively by men. Women athletes do not usually use this remedy, because the virilization effect is almost impossible to prevent. Also note that, in most cases, this steroid is used by athletes either during the course or just before the competitions / performances in order to improve the results. The purpose of his reception is usually an increase in muscle mass and a rapid increase in strength.

In 2014, PharmaCom Labs introduced a system for checking the originality of products using a special code. This code is under a protective layer on the label, which in turn can be found on the blister, if the drug is in tablets, or on the bank, if the drug is for injection. But it should be noted that this protection system was recently introduced, which means that you will not find code stickers on preparations from earlier batches.

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