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Nandroject 200 is an injectable steroid that is in high demand among heavy sports athletes, including bodybuilders. At the core of the drug is the active substance Nandrolone Decanoate (it, as a natural component, is contained in the blood of each person in small quantities). Its main impact is aimed at stimulating the growth of muscle mass and its development (increase in strength, relief, etc.).

This AAS was synthesized in the middle of the 20th century, in the 50s. At the same time, the first drugs based on it, for example deca durabolin, began to enter the market of pharmacology. Initially, he, like many other pharmacological agents, was developed for use in medicine. However, over time, it has become increasingly used in sports. Today, steroid and drugs based on it can be said to be among the most popular aids for professional athletes and amateur bodybuilders.

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Description of Nandroject 200: its effects

This steroid is distinguished from testosterone by the absence of a carbon atom in the 19th position, and this also makes it look like progestins, which is both good and bad. On the one hand, due to its progestin properties, it has less androgenic activity compared to testosterone. On the other hand, by binding to progesterone receptors, this drug can lead to completely different side effects. For example, while not being a flavoring agent, a steroid may in rare cases cause gynecomastia.

There is another difference between nandrolone and testosterone: in our body, the male hormone under the influence of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase gradually turns into a very powerful androgen, testosterone (this androgen is responsible for most of the side effects that occur during the period of testosterone use).

The steroid Nandroject 200 is not affected by 5-alpha reductase, which means that the androgenic effect on the athlete’s body is minimal. However, the lack of androgens in the blood can adversely affect the functions of the reproductive system. Therefore, the use of the deck and preparations based on it should be approached as seriously as possible, that is, recommendations should be followed.

In general, on the course the steroid Nandroject 200 has the following effects:

• The drug has a powerful stimulating effect on muscle growth (even for a short course of steroid, you can gain up to eight kilograms of muscle mass, and “rollback” after the course will be minimal);

• Nandroject injections strengthens the bone structure and increases the strength of the ligaments and joints (previously Nandrolone was used for the treatment of osteoporosis, it is also known that it stimulates the secretion of collagen, useful for cartilage and other tissues);

• Steroid increases erythrocyte mass of blood, which is expressed in the fastest transport of oxygen into the muscles;

• Anabolic properties provide complete elimination of joint pain (there is a greater production of synovial fluid, “joint lubricant”);

• The drug normalizes the body’s immune response and generally stabilizes and makes the immune system more durable (this steroid injection is even used by people with AIDS);

Important: the duration of action of this AAS for injections is 15 days from the moment of administration, and the concentration of the active substance in the body remains high throughout almost the entire period.

However, not everything is so smooth, and injections have a number of possible disadvantages, both peculiar to other steroids, and unique to drugs of this type. First of all, it is a progestin activity (as already mentioned, Decanoate, not being a flavoring agent, can lead to the onset of gynecomastia (this defect manifests itself only in isolated cases)). If we talk about negative androgenic effects, it is worth noting that side effects during the period of taking Nandroject 200 are extremely rare. The athlete, who ordered this steroid, is not afraid of such illnesses as acne, baldness or, on the contrary, excessive growth of body hair. The most frequent side effects of the drug are: headache (in 20% of cases), back pain (in 15% of cases), rash (in 10% of cases), rhinitis (in 15% of cases).

By the way, because of its weak androgenic profile, deca is one of the most favorite drugs of the weaker sex. The use of Nandroject 200 women is a common practice, but it is worth noting that although the drug does not lead to signs of masculinization (an increase in the clitoris, an increase in timbre of the voice, accelerated hair growth, etc.), girls are still recommended to use the minimum dosages, 50 mg for a full week.

In general, this steroid has a huge number of advantages, compared with which any flaws seem insignificant. By the way, the advantages of Nandroject 200 storage from Neolabs can be attributed to pluses. After all, in order for the drug to remain active for at least a year, it only needs to be kept in a refrigerating chamber at a temperature of two to six degrees (it cannot be frozen, sudden changes in temperature can adversely affect the quality of injections).

How to take Nandroject 200?

This steroid is not distinguished by the rapid impact. The anabolic effect of it during the course spreads gradually, while there will be a significant increase in muscle mass. But one should not expect a sharp action and an instant increase in muscle volume.

A Nandroject 200 course usually lasts eight to ten full weeks. It does not make much sense to use a steroid for longer, as this will not increase its effectiveness, but will only lead to the manifestation of side effects. The use of Nandroject 200 should be carried out once a week, given that the duration of the activity of the drug is measured by 15 days. In the more frequent introduction of the steroid, again, a little sense.

The recommended dosage of Nandroject 200 is on the border of 200-600 mg per week. In girls, 50–200 mg per week (200 mg is recommended to be used only by experienced athletes who are familiar with pharmacology firsthand). The use of this drug should be started with the minimum dose, and already at the end of the first week of the course, if no side effects have appeared, you can gradually increase the volume.

If you are planning a course of Nandroject 200 with a duration of more than 8 weeks, then be aware that at 9-10 weeks the use of a steroid should be combined with the intake of chorionic gonadotropin. At the end of the course, it is recommended to pause and start the PCT using drugs that restore the level of natural testosterone (boosters testosterone, Gonadotropin, Clomiphene, etc.). Tamoxifen is not recommended because it increases the sensitivity of progesterone receptors.

However, not only the individual application of the Nandroject 200 can benefit. The combined use of this steroid is also productive, and, when combined with other pharmacological agents, much greater effect can be achieved, both stimulating muscle growth and improving their quality.

The most powerful and at the same time the most harmless combinations are:

• The course of the drug and Winstrol (this combination increases libido and reduces the risk of gynecomastia);

• deca and Sustanon (this combination will provide a huge increase in quality muscle mass);

• The drug and Methandienone (on this course you can gain about 10 kg of weight).

Nandroject 200: steroid reviews

Over the years Nandrolone managed to become one of the most reliable and favorite means of athletes. Therefore, it is not surprising that the reviews about the Nandroject 200 and similar tools are found almost at every step. Virtually all athletes, even those who are not familiar with the world of pharmacology, know that this is what its features are and how to take it.

After reviewing the available reviews about Nandroject, you can come to the logical conclusion that this drug is indeed one of the most effective steroids today. And in truth, what other pharmacological tool can help an athlete to gain up to 8 kg of high-quality muscle mass in just a few weeks and at the same time, without showing side effects ?!

Speaking of side effects. Yes, in isolated cases, as the reviews suggest, Nandroject 200 from NeoLabs can still cause one or other ailments. For example, an athlete taking a steroid may occasionally suffer from headaches or back pain. However, all these cases are private and for the most part it does not lead to serious deviations, at least to such that they interfere with the conduct of training or the conduct of normal life.

Do not forget that this drug is also an excellent combination tool. After all, as the reviews say, Nandroject 200 can be successfully combined with such drugs as Winstrol, Sustanon, Testosterone and many other anabolic steroids. Moreover, in combinations, he will remain as effective and still as harmless as during solo use.

By the way, the opinions of the “colleagues in the workshop” about nandrolone can not only convince you of the quality and effectiveness of this steroid, but can also become a virtually endless source of information about the course of the drug, the specifics of its use and dosages. Find reviews about Nandroject 200 is not difficult by visiting the Forum of our site. Here, anyone who wishes, after a simple registration, gets the right to speak about the steroids, peptides, and so on that he didn’t like, or vice versa. So on the Forum, facts and opinions about any drug you know are available in sufficient quantities.

Where to buy Nandroject 200, how and why?

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