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Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

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Nandroged-PH (EPF) is an anabolic-androgenic steroid drug nandrolone Phenylpropionate, which is relatively quick and strong enough action. As the doping of athletes, he gets wide application in the iron sport, being used mainly in combination with other AAS (from to oxandrolone methenolone enanthate) for the purpose of quality muscle growth.

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Nandroged-PH (EPF) details of the properties

The active ingredient Nandroged-PH (EPF), Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, originally not regarded as a sports doping and, moreover, was not a prohibited drug. Most popular today among athletes anabolic-androgenic steroids were originally synthesized for medical use. In particular Phenyl (a slang abbreviation of “Nandrolone Phenylpropionate”) was appointed as muscular dystrophy, and delays growth of breast cancer and osteoporosis in men or women. Steroid is only subsequently became widespread among the trainee, when acting bodybuilders began to use it for precompetitive preparation. Later they were joined by football players, tennis players, athletes and many other athletes.

The first modern analogues of the drug Nandroged PH from EPF (brand name Durabolin, Nandrobolin, Nandrolone PH and some others) appeared on the pharmaceutical market in the late 50’s-early 60-ies of the last century. Specifically, the first drug (trade name Durabolin) introduced and began selling in 1957 and 1959 respectively. As noted above, it was intended solely for medicinal use.

What effect can you give a course Nandroged-PH (EPF), which was built for sporting purposes? Integrated and expressed by:

Qualitative muscle growth;
The increase in endurance;
Acceleration of recovery;
The increase of force;
Burning of hypodermic fat;
Strengthen ligaments and joints;
Strengthening bones;
Increase immune defense.

The effect of the steroid stimulates the synthesis of collagen and calcium, as well as when the application is registered anti-inflammatory effect – all this favorably affects functions of the skeletal system.

What are the side effects provokes Nandroged PH from EPF? Side effects of the drug may have androgenic or progestogenic nature, but subject to the recommendations it is usually mild or not apparent. In the predisposition of the body and abuse of dosage of the probable complications such as acne, water retention, greasiness of the skin, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, other.

Steroid profile Nandroged-PH (EPF): the anabolic index ≈ 150% of the testosterone, androgen index ≈ 30% of testosterone; the duration of activity 2-3 days detection time – 12-18 months; the conversion of the estrogen – weak, liver toxicity – no progestogenic activity is high, decrease HPTA function moderately.

The course and dosage Nandroged PH from EPF

Who can recommend Nandroged PH from EPF? Potentially athletes of any experience level, from beginners to professionals. But not women in sport, at least not in those volumes in which it is used men. Otherwise, the athlete is unlikely to happen to avoid the virilizing effects. Masculinization the female body is accompanied by symptoms, like the coarsening of the voice, growth of aggression, clitoral hypertrophy, body hair growth of the face and body.

The optimal dosage Nandroged-PH (EPF) is selected individually. Men are usually not recommended to exceed the dose of 100-200 mg (1-2 ml) every 2 days, women – 50-100 mg (0.5-1 ml) every 3 days. The course duration of the drug can reach up to 8 weeks, and then (10-12 weeks) priority actions shifting towards side effects.

Let us examine a few examples of combined courses. Why is it important? Because CTO combinations are the primary method of using phenyl sport. Steroid effective combined with the different list of effects, active substances, including Testosterone, Methandienone and Stanozolol than willing to use athletes.

Example 1: Nandroged-PH (EPF) drug testosterone Propionate (preferred brand) – a relatively safe but effective in the early stages a bunch of steroids. This is a 6-8 week course for qualitative growth of muscles without water retention and fat. Doses of 100 mg every 3 days and 100 mg every 2 days, respectively. Withdrawal from course (2 weeks): Testosterone Propionate. Post-cycle therapy: Clomiphene (3 weeks) Clomiphene or Tamoxifen (1-2 weeks Clomiphene and Tamoxifen 3 week).

Example 2: Nandroged-PH (EPF) drug testosterone Phenylpropionate drug oral turinabol. Another relatively harmless bunch of steroids for quality muscle growth, but recommended to athletes of medium level of experience. Doses of 100 mg every 3 days, 100 mg every 3 days and 40 mg per day, respectively. Withdrawal from course: Testosterone Propionate or Testosterone Phenylpropionate. Post-cycle therapy: similar to the previous example.

Nandroged PH from EPF: the reviews on the net

What the reviews online say about Nandroged-PH 100mg production company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals? In short, the opinions of athletes is mainly positive. Steroid gets high marks from customers, as you can see on its page in our online store.

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Price and buying Nandroged-PH (EPF)

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