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Methandienone Tablets is a drug that belongs to anabolic steroids that provide powerful anabolic and androgenic effect on the human body. The use of such tools helps to increase protein synthesis and recovery of muscle tissue after heavy exercise.

Methandienone Tablets genesis: the action of steroid

The drug allows athletes to quickly achieve a significant increase in muscle mass and increase physical performance. Pills, along with rapidly put on weight, cause water retention in the body, but usually in moderate limits, does not lead to serious consequences.

The steroid increases muscle mass, on the background of the predominance of anabolic processes over catabolic processes. It is known that Dianabol has the effect of slowing catabolism, thus increasing the rate of splitting of fat (observed albeit not the strongest, but a pronounced effect of weight loss).

Reviews about Methandienone Tablets Genesis say that the drug does not bring the best results when you focus on relief, but effective on massonary courses. Along the way, pills increase appetite, which only helps to increase body mass.

The duration of action of substances – about 3-4 hours. So the Methandienone Tablets not be called dagadarthi drug. During the course, he requires a daily intake to maintain optimal concentrations of active substance. But difficulty is not the cause, because the pill is easier than any injection.

The first analogues of the drug Methandienone Tablets Genesis (Poland) appeared on the market in the late 50’s – early 60-ies of the last century. Active substance – Methandienone – it was developed by John Ziegler together with the American company “Ciba-Geigy”. In the free sale of anabolic appeared a few years after its inception and quickly spread in as a drug. Over time, the demand for it in medicine is falling, with the advent of more sophisticated non-steroidal analogues, but it has gained increasing popularity in sport as doping means. Today drugs methandienone is the most popular steroids on the market, used by thousands of athletes.

Methandienone Tablets and dosage

Take pills before meals. The daily dose is usually divided into a morning and an evening reception. The drug should be consumed in the amount of 20-50mg daily. The first experience you can start with minimal doses, gradually increasing the amount of matter, until the optimal response.

Dosage of Methandienone Tablets for beginners should not exceed 30-40 mg per day. 3-4 tablets daily is an effective dosage for athletes who do not have much experience with sports pharmacology.

Full course Methandienone Tablets can last 6-8 weeks. A more prolonged use is fraught with side effects and ineffective as the active steroid will shift in the direction of side effects. In General, his technique is subject to the recommendations contributes to an increase of up to 10 kg (and possibly more) muscle mass. The result also depends on the power of the athlete and training regime.

The steroid is combined with other anabolics, so most improvements should be competent to make a combination of the reception. Not recommended unless considered to be bundles of drugs that can enhance side effects. To these primarily include a combination of hepatotoxic anabolic and androgenic steroids as methandienone itself also has a toxic effect on the liver.

Methandienone, even in solo, you can almost guarantee good results, but to consolidate the recruited muscle mass it is best to combine it with, for example, injectable stanozolol or methenolone enanthate. The co-administration of steroids synergistic action is boost the results, but do not forget that the load on the body also increases. Bigger isn’t always better, and to abuse drugs in any case not worth it.

On completion of solo or combined course necessary to carry out post-cycle therapy to avoid any adverse effects and to be sure to secure improvement. Then usually take Clomiphene or Tamoxifen (anti-estrogens, contributing to the increase in testosterone), but also not rarely used clenbuterol and other drugs. Individual consultation on the preparation of the course and conduct of PBC can be obtained on the Forum. The advice of experts and veterans of the sport will no doubt be useful.

Side effects of Methandienone Tablets, reviews

Effective this oral steroid is a proven long lasting sports practice. Judging by the reviews, for most athletes methandienone is an anabolic that provides not only progress but also good health. To train for his own pleasure, and not by force, is always nicer.

Also many customer reviews Methandienone Tablets indicate that for women, this drug is not the best choice. Its use may contribute to the phenomena of virilization. But, nevertheless, the athletes bodybuilding and powerlifting at your own risk do not rarely receive it and achieve significant success. Here only the application in such cases is reduced in comparison with men dosages – usually 2-5 mg per day, sometimes up to 10 mg per day if you need.

Do not forget that the abuse of and/or predisposition Methandienone Tablets can cause side effects. Steroid, as noted, is toxic to the liver, can lead to high blood pressure, fluid retention, and gynecomastia in men. In addition, risks associated with decreased production of own testosterone, you should pay attention during and after the course, and other androgenic side effects – acne, greasy skin, increased sweating, increased aggression, androgenozawisimae baldness.

These phenomena are not frequent but still possible. In General, reviews this is a steroid drug Genesis describes predominantly positive. Even if the statements are not best-of-breed tablet, but it’s definitely working, able to provide visible improvements according to their strength.

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