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Methandienone Bayer is produced in blister packs, is a powerful anabolic steroid drug, is endowed with moderate androgenic activity. Of the other features are a rapid, but not very long lasting effect and a vast amount of positive effects that occur during the course.

Properties of this steroid drug provide significant gains in muscle mass, energy, appetite and strength. For these purposes it is most often used in sports practice, such as in weightlifting, in bodybuilding and triathlon.

Description Methandienone Bayer (blister pack)

The active substance of this drug, as you might guess from the name, is Methandienone (Methandrostenolone). It’s incredibly popular these days steroid able to boast of 200% anabolic, and 50 percent androgenic capacity of endogenous testosterone that much.

Forefather Bayer Methandienone, a steroid Methandrostenolone was synthesized in the early 60-ies of the last century. His creation is a pharmaceutical company Ciba, or rather, Dr. John Ziegler (John Ziegler), who led the development. Then, in the middle of the 20th century, the AAS was purely medical application. It was used to accelerate the recovery of weakened patients and for the treatment of burns. Soon, however, about the qualities of this steroid got to know athletes, with the result that it became widespread in sports practice.

Looking at the properties and effects exhibited by Methandienone Bayer, it becomes clear why this steroid is so loved by athletes:

• It quickly and significantly increases muscle mass;

• Accelerate the process of protein synthesis;

• Increases the strength of the athlete;

• Noticeably improves the appetite;

• Strengthens bone structure of the body;

• Provides anti-catabolic effects;

However, in the course Methandienone Bayer to be certain side effects, as not only useful and positive, including:

• Increased blood pressure;

• Decrease production of its own testosterone;

• Toxicity to the liver;

• Estrogenic side effects (gynecomastia, retention of liquids);

• Androgenic side effects (virilization in women, etc.).

Note that taking the tablets Methandienone Bayer is relatively safe and effective can both men and women. However, athletes are advised not to exceed doses of 2-5 mg per day, while athletes may take doses of and 50 mg.

Also You might want to know that the storage of Methandienone Bayer in blister must be carried out in a dry, inaccessible to sunlight and moisture. The storage temperature should not be above or below room indicators. And the drug should be safely hidden from Pets and children.

Instruction Methandienone Bayer how to take

The steroid is very popular in sports practice. It is used and weightlifters, and bodybuilders, and representatives of many other disciplines. He was adopted primarily for some purposes – muscle growth and increase strength, and reception in most cases is in combination with other anabolics and androgens (stanozolol nandrolone from before).

Recommended for use on the course Methandienone Bayer dosage is 10-50 mg per day (the substance is not very long activity about 6-8 hours, so taking it should be daily). Last courses his participation in an average of about 7 weeks. In General, such doses, the duration and frequency of administration is sufficient for a noticeable increase in muscle mass, strength, appetite and other important indicators.

Dose Methandienone Bayer to introduce easily calculated. The drug is a convenient concentration of the active substance (10mg/tab), so that any difficulties should arise. In particular for receiving dosage 50 mg You will need exactly 5 tablets, 10 mg – 1 tablet, and so on.

How to make Methandienone Bayer in combinations, and what anabolics and androgens it can be combined?

Possible and most effective combinations with methandienone there is a great variety. But if your main goal is to gain mass, then the course Methandienone Bayer is best combined with the intake of nandrolone. For example, Nandrolone – 200 mg a week and Dianabol – 30 mg per day, the output – Testosterone Propionate 100 mg a day for PCT – Tamoxifen 30 mg per day.

In turn for a large increase in power use can be combined with oxandrolone, or stanozolol with testosterone Propionate. In particular, good gain will allow you to achieve this course, where the first steroid used 30 mg daily, and the second in the amount of about 80 mg per day.

More information about this drug You can find on our Forum. Even the most detailed guide to Methandienone Bayer (in blister packs) will not give the knowledge that I can share our professional advisors (master of sports, coach, sports doctor, etc.), “dwelling” on the Forum.

Reviews about Methandienone Bayer (blister package)

To find out what about this drug on the basis of methandrostenolone think other athletes don’t have time to “wander” on the Internet. It is enough to visit our Forum where feedback about Methandienone Bayer, and many other relevant pharmacological activities in the funds available in considerable quantity. Here on the Forum AthleticPharma, athletes, regardless of experience, can communicate freely with each other and share opinions, and therefore the lack of useful for the study of information is not observed.

Incidentally, having studied posted on our Forum reviews on Methandienone Bayer, You will know that this is an anabolic and androgen is endowed with the strongest positive impact. Thus, the index of its anabolic activity is equal to 200% of testosterone, while androgenic is 50%. Such a force provides a significant increase in muscle mass, energy and muscular efficiency with minimum risk of threat to the health of androgenic side effects.

However, the exposure is not confined to increased strength and musculature. That is, the drug may be useful in other sports the effects. In particular, as the reviews say, Methandienone tablets Bayer production among other things is able to increase appetite, positively affect the strength of the bone structure of the body and on protein synthesis.

Besides, it is known that such a AAS is the perfect matching tool. Which means, You can combine this technique with the use of a steroid to greatly increase the effectiveness of the course. For example, as prompt feedback about Methandienone Bayer, good results allows to achieve combined together with nandrolone. The result of such a course in the first place will be the maximum increase in muscle mass. It also goes well with the esters of testosterone with stanozolol, trenbolone and oxandrolone.

In General, buyers of these pills spoken of as a first-class steroid drug. It is understandable, after all it has rapid and powerful effects, and most importantly multiple and varied positive qualities. And use it for sporting purposes can not only men but also women, which is another significant advantage (athlete usually takes from 2 to 5 mg of a steroid once a day, as large doses can cause virilization).

Price, buy Methandienone tablets Bayer

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