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Drostanolone Injection – this is usually a steroid medication, which has strong androgenic activity and mild anabolic properties. Is obtained synthetically derived from testosterone, almost does not affect the androgenic receptors of the cell and does not aromatize, therefore, usually does not cause significant side effects.

Application Drostanolone Injection Genesis (Poland) found among a wide range of athletes, both professionals and beginners. The active ingredient of the drug Drostanolone dipropionate its main effect is a marked increase in strength, density and topography of muscles without increase in weight. Feature of drug is its antiestrogenic activity and short time of excretion from the body, allowing you to take a steroid before an event (for optimum physical shape before the performances).

Drostanolone Injection: properties of steroid

Many athletes ranging from runners and ending with the body builders prefer this steroid. He has a predominantly androgenic activity, so popular among athletes, which is unacceptable overall increase in mass (not to go into a heavier weight category or for other reasons).

During the reception of Injeksi Drostanolone increases the level of androgens in the blood, but the return of growth in estrogen levels occurs. This means a qualitative growth of dense muscle mass, sharply drawn relief and reduced body fat. This is especially important at the final stage preparations for performances, when it recruited the number of mass necessary translate into quality. Often there is a description of the drug as means for a “last push”.

Initially, the drugs based on this active substance (drostanolone) was used to combat breast cancer, however, the treatment of women having a high probability of occurrence of side effects, including virilization symptoms. In connection with what experts had to abandon its use among women.

Currently, many sportsmen use the action of the steroid Drostanolone to give the muscles firmness for the tournament. The drug is excreted from the body in just 14 days, so properly constructed course provides qualitative results with relative safety.

But because of enhanced androgenic activity, the drug is not recommended for women athletes. Only very experienced athletes can enter up to 25 mg of the substance every two or three days. If you do it often or in large quantities, the effect of virilization cannot be avoided. Women are usually advised to use analogues of the drug are less pronounced androgenic activity.

Drostanolone Injection: application and dosage

For men the dosage is significantly more than for women – at 300-500 mg per week over the course of 6-10 weeks, or longer 8-12. Injections are usually performed every 3 days due to the activity of the active substance.

Side effects of the steroid Drostanolone Injection Genesis, according to athletes, practically does not occur. Of unusual effects may be noted itching at the area of injection, periodic drowsiness, and rash. In General, when the recommended dosages are sometimes can only manifest acne and high blood pressure. Production of its own testosterone greatly reduced, but is gradually recovering after a course of injections (recommended PBC). Contraindication for admission may serve only individual intolerance to the active substance.

The Drostanolone Injection

This drug can be used both individually and in combination with other drugs. The most effective combinations are combinations with winstrol, oxandrolone, parabolan, by Primabolan (or their analogues based on the same active substances). In these cases a course of steroid is reduced dosages (in comparison with solo application). Such combinations allow the athlete to achieve a significant acceleration of building up muscles at the same time giving relief to muscles.

In combination Drostanolone Injackson with Primobolan you need to consider that it provides a significant effect over a long time, so combined these steroids typically lasts longer – up to 12 full weeks.

Interesting combination with Boldenone, but this combination causes a large increase in appetite, which can create for some athletes, the difficulties with dieting. To control their weight with increased appetite, to put it mildly, difficult.

Drostanolone Injection: customer reviews

The majority of athletes really appreciated the effect of the injection. Received relief muscle permanently stored without significant recoil, which allows for repeated cycles of steroid or less directly in front of demonstration performances and competitions.

The final decision about expediency of use of the drug in Your system of preparation may help make the reviews about Drostanolone Injection (100mg/ml, 10ml) on our Forum (here you can see the views of the sports veterans and experts working in the “industry”).

Experienced athletes are happy with the results and no side effects. Even those who initially stops is not the lowest price, subsequently, leave reviews about Drostanolone indexen of how great the drug from the point of view of efficiency and quality. One course it becomes more profitable for a few cycles cheaper drugs.

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