Dianoged 10mg (EPF)

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Brand: Euro Prime Farmaceuticals (EPF)
Packing: 50 tab
Substance: Methandienone

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This drug is methandienone, an anabolic steroid, characterized by rather strong and relatively rapid effect. In the iron sport Dianoged (10 mg/tab, 50 tab) from the EPF (Euro Prime Farmaceuticals, Moldova) is primarily used to achieve pronounced muscle growth and commensurate increase in power performance. That is, it gets used mainly on the power and massonary courses. As a sports doping it can be recommended to the athlete of any level of experience – from beginner (elementary courses in moderate dosage) to professional (most difficult combinations in high dosage).

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Details about Dianoged 10mg (EPF)

Methandienone, the active substance of the drug, structurally is a modification of testosterone that are developed aimed at increasing anabolic activity and reduced androgenic activity and oral. However, currently selling in the pharmaceutical market there are a variety of injectable products methandienone (a slang abbreviation). Differences between the pills and injections, unless considered a form of release, almost not observed.

Peculiar Dianoged tablets (EPF) – pronounced anabolic, as indicated by its steroid profile: anabolic index is 200% of the testosterone, androgen index – 50%. Quality it is also notable for a quick but short action – 6-8 hours (to half life), so tablets should be taken with high frequency – every day (in one sitting or dividing daily dose into equal doses and eating at different times of the day).

Effects Dianoged 10mg from EPF (confirmed):

Anti-catabolic effect;
Moderate burning fat;
Increase efficiency;
The marked increase of power;
Strengthening the skeletal system;
Strengthening the appetite.

Note: Dianoged 10mg (EPF) is aromatoterapiya steroid, because of what some of the typed weight falls on the water that appears at the end of the course.

Side effects Dianoged tablets from EPF (potential): heartburn, nausea, water retention, acne, greasiness of the skin, increased aggression, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, discomfort and pain in the liver.

Note: side effects are mainly driven by the aromatization, androgen activity and hepatotoxicity of the active substance, and develops mainly in the predisposition of the organism or the abuse of the dosage. In case of overdose, the drug overturned and symptomatic treatment.

Dianoged tablets from EPF: the course

For starters, let’s consider a few of the courses combined, because the combination is the primary way of receiving Dianoged 10mg from the EPF sport. The drug is relatively safe and effective combined with most relevant today sports pharmacology than willing to use training: in combination with other anabolic-androgenic steroids and (or) a variety of peptide hormones.

Example 1 – power and masonary course designed for athletes entry-level experience. The composition of the course: tablets Dianoged (EPF) injections of testosterone Propionate (choose the brand of preference). The course duration is 6 weeks. Dosage of active substances used moderate: 40 mg / day and 100 mg a day, respectively. For post-cycle therapy is best suited Tamoxifen (2-3 weeks, 20-30 mg daily).

Example 2 – a course to improve strength and weight, but designed for the experienced “chemists”. The composition of the course: Dianoged (EPF) tablets injection testosterone Cypionate (choose the brand of preference) injections of nandrolone Decanoate (choose the brand of preference). Doses are increased, however, usually do not exceed 50 mg / day, 800 mg per week 500 mg per week respectively. For post-cycle therapy, Clomiphene should be connected (in 3 weeks) Clomiphene or Tamoxifen (1-2 week 3 week Clomiphene Tamoxifen).

The optimal dosage Dianoged tablets from EPF is selected individually. If you give the average volume, that is 40-50 mg (4-5 tablets) per day. This is the dosing range for men. Women are also not recommended to use more than 10-20 mg (1-2 tablets) per day because of the risk of masculinization of the body. Symptoms of virilization are, for example, increase aggression, deepening of the voice, greasiness of the skin, clitoral enlargement, body hair, face and body.

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Reviews about Dianoged 10mg (EPF)

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