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Brand: PharmaCom Labs
Packing: 50 tab
Substance: Methandienone

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Dianabolos (Methandienone) is a steroid with moderate androgenic effects (50% from testosterone) and a powerful anabolic effect (200% from testosterone).

Such a steroid is used primarily in heavy sports, particularly bodybuilding, where it has proven itself as a means to stimulate muscle growth and increase the amount of strength and endurance.

In 2014, PharmaCom Labs introduced a system for checking the authenticity of products. The verification code, which must then be entered on the manufacturer’s website (here,, is on a special sticker under a protective layer, either on a blister or on a drug bank. If you made a purchase in our store, then erase this layer and enter the resulting code, you will definitely receive confirmation that the purchased product is original (in the old batches there was no such protection system)

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